A newly made tattoo i basicly a open wound for a couple of days, as with all open wounds you can get complications!

To prevent complications such as infections it is very important to care for your new tattoo.


Our most used aftercare method.

Tegaderm™ is a adhesive wound dressing, it works as a barrier protecting against bacteria and liquids

and at the same time it lets the skin breath. Commonly used in hospitals for wound threatment.

  • If it is relatively dry under the plastic you should leave it on for 4-7 days                                                           

  • When the tegaderm is removed you can use any lotion to moisturize the tattoo, this is just for comfort.           

  • If you get BIG wet "bubbles", take the plasic of after 2 days and care for the tattoo in a traditional way.

  •     In case of bubbles, you can also come back for and ask for a new wrapping with tegaderm.            

Tegaderm™ is currently the best aftercare we use, unfortunally we can´t use it for every tattoo for different reasons.

When we can´t use tegaderm you´ll need to take care of the tattoo in a more traditional way.



Recomended method when tegaderm is not used!


You will get a plastic film on your tattoo after the procedure, keep this film on for 8 hours then start the aftercare rutine


  • Clean your tattoo 3-4 times/day with hot water and mild soap   

  • After cleaning, let the tattoo airdry                                              

  • Moisturize with recommended ointment, NO thick layers           

  • Do this for 1-2 weeks, depending on how well your tattoo heals

Always follow these rules:

  • Don´t ever pick or scratch on your tattoo                                       

  • Always keep your tattoo clean, use clean clothes, bedsheets etc.

  • Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo                    

  • No baths until the tattoo is healed                                                   

  • Avoid direct sunlight or tanning beds for a few weeks                   

  • Avoid tight clothes since it might irritate the tattoo                         


Recommended ointments:

The only way to know wich ointment will work for you is to try, different skin needs different ointment

  • Helosan - a smooth, "dryer" ointment that is absorbed by the skin fast     

  • Bephanthen - A greasy, almost vaselin like ointment.                                

  • H20 OCEAN - Made for tattoos, not to dry, not to greasy.                          

  • Tattoocyn - Made for tattoos with special herbs that stimulates healing    

Signs of infection:

If your tattoo has "wet" areas, is tender, swollen and/or red this might be an early sign of infection.

Later, more obvious signs are yellow pus, pain, redness, swelling, pimples and crust.

If this happens there is some things you can do yourself.

  • Clean your tattoo with mild soap and hot water             

  • Airdry                                                                               

  • Use a chlorhexidine/ethanol desifectant on the dry area

If the wound is wet and leaking pus, also do following:

  • Use a compress like "Sorbact" and wrap it with gauze   

  • Change once per day.                                                     

This method is effective to some extent, the chlorhexidine/etanol desifectant is effective for a a longer time

than other desinfectants. The Sorbact compress is a special compress made to absorb as much bacteria as possible,

by reducing the amount of bacteria the body will have a easier time to heal and you don´t need to take any antibiotics.

If it still gets worse you should se a doctor.