What is a Customer Form?

A customer form is a way for us to learn a few things about our customers to ensure that we don´t harm anyone.

It ´s also a way to inform our customers about their responsibility, how they should act prior, during and after the tattoo is done.

In other words, it is a safety precaution for both artists and customers.


How does it work?

Prior any tattoo is done we ask our customers to fill out the customer form, just follow the steps bellow.

For our customers:

- download the form here "CUSTOMER FORM"

- fill it out in your phone or computer                        

- e-mail the finished form to your tattoo artist          

- or print it and bring it to you session       

- or ask for the form when you arrive         


Just answer the questions in the form, read and memorize the information and it is all done.

OBS! If you bring friends it is very important that they also read the information in the customer form. If they haven´t read the information we must let them wait in the lobby.