Welcome to our FAQ!

We get a LOT of questions about our work and a LOT of them are the same ones.

This FAQ is the most common questions we get that actually is important for the customer to know about, we will still leave some questions unanswered so that we´ll have something to talk about when we meet.


Q: Does it hurt?

A: YES! It hurts but for the first hours it is 100% manageable, after several hours your getting tiered and you won´t deal with the pain as well and thats when it gets though. But bring something to eat and you will have more energy to deal with the pain for a longer time.

Q: What is your opinion about visible tattoos like neck, face, hands??

A: A visible tattoo is not like regular tattoos, this can greatly affect your life. First and foremost, we need to know that you enjoy being a tattooed person, you do not know this until you have so many "not visible" tattoos that your surrounding sees you as a tattooed person. Another thing that is important to know is that many people think that you are trying to pretend that you are somethning your not, a tattooed person. With that said, our position on visible tattoos is that we love to do them, IF you have relatively much experience of being a tattooed person.

Q: Do you sell giftcards?

A: No, not at this moment. But you can visit us at the shop and get a free giftcard in which you put cash.

Q: Can you get a tattoo if you are under 18?

A: We do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18, regardless of whether the parents approves. This is because we are members of SRT, (Sweden's registered tattooist). These are their guidelines.

Q: What is your pricing?

A: Different depending on the artist so make sure to check with your artist. Some are cheaper per hour but a slower worker and we try to make sure that you pay a similar price in the end for the same tattoo no matter who you choose as your artist. But our minimum session is  always 1h for 1500 SEK

Q: How does payment work?

A: You pay directly after each session with Swish or cash.

Or you can use Klarna to get a invoice or part payment, but remember that Klarna demands a cellphone with your mobile bankid and that you have a clean registry from Kronofogen (or Klarna might turn down your request).

Q: How long will it take to tattoo a sleeve and how much will it cost?

A: I can make a sleeve with line work flowers in 3 sessions, if I make a simple blue background it will take 6 sessions, if I add some nice details to the background like a faraway forest, small birds and clouds it will take 9 sessions, if I then decide to put color and a super dramatic light effect in the flowers it will take 12 sessions, if I then decide to make the whole tattoo look like nothing none ever seen before it will take 15 sessions just do make every single detail perfekt..... To sum it up it all come to ambition, the more you work with it the better it will be and the more it will cost.

Q: Do I get a sketch, drawing or design of my tattoo before the first session?

A: Yes! We have as a goal to have all big designs ready at least one week before the first session.

Which tattoos are NOT prepared? Minor tattoos like lettering or symbols, photo-realism like a lions head etc.

Q: If I don´t like my design, can I change it?

A: Of course, If you don´t like what we made at all there´s obviously been a communications problem and together we discuss what we need to change to make everyone happy. Small changes is very common, large changes happens, but only when we don´t know everything we need to know so make sure to be specific from the start.

Q: How can you charge me for a full session when I didn´t show up?

A: Every month we book an income of lets say 100k, first 50k is expenses that needs to be payed no matter what, which leaves us with 50k left. from this 50k around 25k goes to vat and salary taxes, 25k i left and this is what we get in our pocket. If four customers don´t show up we loose 24k minus vat an taxes wich means a loss os 12k. This month I got 13k in salary since 4 customers forgot to show, or forgot to cancel.

If your boss told you that you only get half of your salary this month would you accept that?